Terms & Condition of Digital channels

Automated Teller Machine (ATM) & Debit card:

a)  The Premier Bank may in its absolute discretion issue card(s) to me/ us: A card is the property of the Bank and I/ we will surrender it unconditionally at the time of closing my account(s) or upon demand by the Bank at any time.

b)  I/ we  will  immediately  notify  the  Bank  of  the  loss  or  theft  of  a  card  or  of unauthorized acquisition  of  the  personal  identification  number  relating  to  it  and  shall  accept  full responsibility  for  all ATM  transactions  effected by use of  a  card until  such  time  as  the Bank confirms to me that it has received this notice.

c)  I/ we will indemnify the Bank and keep it indemnified for any loss, damage, costs (including legal costs) claims or demands arising in connection with  the use,  loss or  theft of any ATM card  issued  to  me/  us  or,  resulting  from  any  mechanical  defect  in  or  malfunction  of,  or insufficiency of funds in the ATM.

d) The Bank’s record  of  all ATM  transactions  effected  by  use  of  a  card will  be  conclusive  and binding  on me  for  all  The  amount  stated  on  the ATM  screen  or  printed  on ATM screen  or printed ATM inquiry slip shall not be taken as conclusive of the state of my account with the Bank

e) The use of the local Debit Card confined to Bangladesh only and International Debit Card may be used  anywhere  in  the World  subject  to  applicable  Use  of  the  local Debit  Card outside  Bangladesh  shall  make  the  Card  liable  for  immediate  cancellation  and  any  other appropriate action as stipulated by Bangladesh Bank or other regulatory body. The cardholder will  also  be  liable  to  clear  all  outstanding without    prejudice  to  any  right,  remedy  or  action against  him/her,  by  the  Bangladesh  Bank,  the  Bank,  court  or  any  regulatory  agency.  Cash withdrawals and purchase limits of the Debit Card are subject to    change I/ we agree to pay the applicable charges duty.

f) The Bank  shall  be  under  no  liability whatsoever  to  the  cardholder  in  respect  of  any  loss  or damage arising directly or  indirectly out of  refusal of any merchant or member  institution of VISA or MasterCard card to honour or accept the card or for any defect or deficiency in the goods or services supplied  to  the  Cardholder  by  any  merchant  where  applicable,  for  any  breach  or  non-performance by a merchant of a card transaction. Your International Debit Card transactions denominated in a currency other that US Dollars will be subject to charge over the exchange rate by VISA or MasterCard.

g)  Fees and  charges  may  be  determined  periodically  by  the  Bank  or  other  VISA/MasterCard  authorized acquirers with prior notice to the card holder through website.

h)  I/ we acknowledge that my/ our use of Debit Card shall be governed by the bank’s prevailing Terms & Conditions available in the bank’s website at www.premierbankltd.com & accept the same.

Internet Banking:

  • The use Premier Bank Online Banking Service is subject to the following terms and conditions and shall be governed by the bank’s prevailing Terms & Conditions available in the bank’s website at www.premierbankltd.com & accept the same.
  • Premier Bank will provide the User with unique User Identification Number (“User ID”) and a temporary Password in the first instance through email. The User(s) hereby authorizes and instructs Premier Bank to email him/her the User ID and Password relating to his/her access login to the Online Banking Services to the email address given in the application at his/her own risk and responsibility.
  • User hereby acknowledges and understands the inherent risk of using Internet and availing the Online Banking Services and accordingly shall take all necessary precautions at his/her end to safeguard himself/herself from such risk. Bank shall not be held liable in any form whatsoever if the User suffers any loss or damages due to such inherent risk of internet and Online Banking Services unless such loss or damage is caused due to willful negligence of the Bank.
  • The User should check the Statements for all of his/her accounts for any unauthorized transaction. In case of any discrepancy in details of any transactions carried out in respect of the account, in that event User should immediately inform Premier Bank In writing.
  • User shall be responsible for all financial and non-financial transactions using Premier Online Banking Service.
  • Any transaction made after working hours or on public/bank holidays, the transaction value date will be the next working day.
  • Premier Bank shall not be liable for any consequences arising out of its failure to carry out the instructions due to inadequacy of funds.
  • Charges are subjected to change from time to time at Premier Bank’s discretion. Charges may  be  determined  periodically  by  the  with prior notice to the customers through Premier bank website at www.premierbankltd.com

 SMS Alert

The Application form must be sent directly to The Premier Bank; And not by facsimile. The Bank will require seven working days after receiving the SMS Banking Application Form for activation of the service  In case of Bank Account, the Bank will accept the Application  form signed by the authorized signatories of the Account only ( subject to signature verification for PUSH service, the Bank will use the respective Mobile Phone Operator`s text mail service (SMS) to send the financial  information  related  to  customer`s  account  on  the  following working  day  after  the statement  has  been  generated.  The PUSH service will be offered free of charge.  For  PULL service the Account/ Cardholder will be able to obtain a range of financial information related to  account by  typing  a pre-defined  key word with  a 4 digit PIN  as  a message  in  the mobile phone and then sending this message to a prescribed SMS short code. For this service, regular SMS charges of the respective Mobile Phone Operator will apply. The Account/ Cardholder are solely responsible to ensure the possession of the mobile phone/ connection assigned to SMS Banking Services to maintain the confidentiality of his/ her financial information. If the mobile phone/ connection is lost, stolen or sold to another individual, the Account/ Cardholder shall immediately notify the Bank of the incident and cancel the SMS Banking Service. The Account/ Cardholder hereby agrees the Bank/ Mobile Phone Operators will not be responsible for any disruption in SMS Banking Service due to any technical failure on the part of the Bank/ Mobile Phone Operator. SMS Banking Service shall remain effective until otherwise advised in writing by the Account/ Cardholder, which should reach the Bank at least one week before the next statement is due. The laws of Bangladesh govern these Terms & Conditions. The Bank may revise and/ or change any of the Terms & Conditions at any time with notice to you, but does not require any consent.



  • That the Bank does not use encrypted e-mail and generally internet is not encrypted and is not a secure means of transmission of the information. It involves the risk of unauthorized alteration, usage and disclosure of the Information by the parties.
  • That transmission of the information to a corporate ID involves the risks of the information to be viewed,  altered,  used  or  disclosed  to  third  parties  by  once  authorized  but  afterward  no more in the employment of   the organization in future. I/ we agree to indemnify  the Bank and hold  the  Bank  indemnified  and  harmless  from  any  and  all  costs,  expenses,  liabilities,  loses, responsibilities, whether direct or consequential  , arising out or an connection with such view, alteration, usage or disclosure of the information or otherwise caused by using the internet as a  means  of  transmission  and  also  for  any  error,  delay  or  problem  in  transmission  of  the information.
  • That my/ our legal representatives, executors, successors-in-interest and assigned are bound by this E-statement Enrolment.
  • That this E-statement Enrolment shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Bangladesh.

Call Centre:

a)  I/ we  authorize  The Premier Bank  (in  its  absolute  discretion)  to  follow/  act  on  my/  our  oral  or  instruction by telephone (including any instructions required by or, given by me/ us, in relation  to these terms and conditions unless these terms and conditions otherwise expressly state to the contrary).

b)  I/ we shall not reveal my/ our Telephone Identification Number (TIN) to anyone. My/ our oral instruction(s) identified by my/ our correct Bank Account or card Number and TIN shall be deemed to be proper. Accordingly, the Bank shall be entitled to rely on any such instructions. Should the Bank accept any such  instruction  from me/ us, or  from  some other person purporting  to be me/ us, I/ we hereby agree to indemnify the Bank against any loss, damages, costs (including legal costs), or demands incurred by the Bank as a result of or, in connection therewith.

c)  The Bank may  in  its  absolute  discretion  require  that  written  confirmation  of my/  our  oral instruction(s) be received by it within such period as the Bank may specify. Where any of the above accounts are opened by more than one person any such one person shall be entitled to give any such oral instructions and the Bank shall be entitled to rely upon such instructions.

d)  The bank may record my conversation for future reference or training purposes.

e)  I/ we  acknowledge  that  my/  our  use  of  Contact  Centre  shall  be  governed  by  the  bank’s prevailing Terms & Conditions available in the bank’s website at www.premierbankltd.com. & accept the same.