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Islamic banking provides investment products such as Bai Murabaha, Bai Muaijal, Bai Salam, Quard against MTDR, Hire Purchase Under Shirkatul Mielk, Consumer Investment Scheme, Housing Invesntment / Apartment Finance etc.


Bai Murabaha Small

Bai’ Al-Murabaha is a contract between the Buyer and the Seller under which the Seller sells specific goods permissible under Islamic Shari’ah and ...

Bai’ Al-Muajjal


Bai Al-Muajjal  is a contract between a Buyer and a Seller under which the Seller sells certain specific goods permissible under Islamic Shari‘ah a ...

Bai’ Salam

Bai Salam Small

Bai’-Salam may be defined as advance purchase of a commodity / product making advance payment by the Bank on execution of a written contract wherein ...

Hire Purchase under Shirkatul Mielk (HPSM)

Hire Purchase under Shirkatul Meik

Hire Purchase under Shirkatul Milk (HPSM) is a special type of contract; it is the combination of three separate contracts: Shirkat; Ijarah & Sale ...