Home Loan

Home Loan

My First Home
• Purchasing dwelling for Residential purpose
• Apartments under construction are also applicable for New Home facility
Home Construction Loan
• To construct residential buildings
• House Construction Loan will be 70% of the total estimated cost of the construction or the maximum amount of loan assessed based on customers’ creditworthiness as per Premier Bank’s credit policy, whichever is lower
• Disbursement will be made into different phases
Takeover Loan
• Consolidation of existing housings/structures
• Home/House renovation loan
• Any other loan from any schedule Bank’s / Financial institutions to PBL
• All loan consolidation will be under existing or new home loan
• Consolidation of Personal loan, Auto loan, Credit Card
Interior & Exterior Loan
• Extending loan facilities for different purposes
• House extension
• House Renovation
• Face uplifting
My Next Home
• This is a solution to buy apartments from uncategorized developer under TPA
• Offering his/her existing unencumbered property as a registered mortgage

Home Line of Credit (HLC)
• Home Line of Credit is the overdraft facility for the existing home loan customers of Premier Bank Limited in combination with the existing home loan
• HLC can be topped up based on the performance of the loan and a percentage of the total installment paid
• New Home Loan applicant may also avail HLC up to max Tk. 10 Lac or where in the permissible Home Loan will be segregated in to Home + HLC
Interest Only Home Loan
• Pay only the interest on the principal balance, with the principal balance unchanged for a set term/tenor
• At the end of the interest-only term/tenor the borrower starts to pay both interest and principal as per amortization schedule
• Maximum tenor for interest only home loan is two years

Home Clubbed Secured
• Retail Bundle: Home Loan, Credit Card (pre-approved) and/or Personal Loan, and/or Auto Loan
• SME Bundle: Home Loan with SME Line of Credit (revolving) with interest only option for two years
• SME line of credit will be topped up if 80% of principle installments are paid


Loan size             Min BDT 10 Lac  Max 1.20 Crore
Interest Rate New Home, Home Construction, & Home Credit –13.99% p.a. with quarterly rest (Variable) Balance Consolidation – 13.49% p.a. with quarterly rest (Variable)
Processing Fee 1.50% of the loan amount
Tenor Maximum – 25 years (300 months)

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