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Account Services & Liability Products

Accnt Services Small

Every corporate entity has its own unique banking and financial needs. The Premier Bank Corporate Banking Account comes with an exhaustive range of fe ...

Nationwide Collection Service

Nationwide Collection Small

Premier Bank Cash Management helps companies to maximize their efficiency in their accounts receivables and provides them complete information. Our ai ...

Payment Service

Payment Services Small

At Premier Bank we provide customized and integrated Payments solutions to your banking needs. We provide large corporations and financial institution ...

Cash Pickup & Cash Delivery Service


Business in Bangladesh is still conducted on cash basis, keeping cash overnight or transporting cash to the bank can carry certain risks. We recognize ...

Utility Bill Collection Service

Utility Bill Payment Service

Utility Bill collection Service provides utility service providers an easy solution to collect their dues. Subscribers may deposit payment against the ...

Collection Booth Services

Collection Services Big

Premier Bank Cash Management service will setup collection booth at your business premise during collection period or continuous basis. We offer Booth ...

IPO Management

IPO Mngmnt Small

We have redefined our service spectrum to act as preferred bank for handling your issue management. We provide full range of services to act as Lead B ...

Hajj & HAAB Services

Hajj & HAAB Service Small

We have accumulated a niche through our “Hajj & HAAB Project”. Our services for the pilgrims intending to perform Hajj and the Hajj agencies who a ...

Electronic Government Procurement (eGP) Payment Service

EGP Pay Services Small

We work as partner bank for extending our facilities to the Central Procurement Technical Unit (CPTU), Implementation Monitoring and Evaluation Divisi ...