Elite Banking

What is Elite Banking?

Elite Banking is a priority banking service for all customers of the Premier Bank Ltd who typically maintain a balance of CASA BDT 20 million and fixed deposit of BDT 30 million. This service will also be available to those individual customers who maintain a loan portfolio of more than BDT 70 million. For more questions regarding membership please visit any our Elite Centres.

Where are the Elite Centres located?
Currently we have opened an Elite Lounge in Banani and plan to further expand to Gulshan 1, Doreen Tower, Baridhara, Uttara and Dhanmondi.

What are the Elite Banking membership eligibility criteria?Requirement balance of CASA BDT 20 million on a six monthly average balance
Requirement Balance of only Fixed Deposit of BDT 30 million for minimum six monthsThose having a corporate, retail, SME loan of BDT 70 million

Can I become a member if I do not have an account with your specific Elite Serving Branches?
Yes, you are most welcome to visit any of our branches throughout Bangladesh to avail of the facilities and services.

Can my spouse avail of this membership?
Being a member of the Elite Team, we will be honored to offer you this membership to your immediate family members.

For how long do I need to keep the required deposited amount?
Membership will be assessed annually.

Are there any extra charges or Fees to be a member?

No, there will be no extra charges to be an Elite member.

What is a Relationship Manager and their services?

A relationship manager are trained individuals of the staff who have been assigned to cater to all your banking needs and queries whenever required by you.

How can I enjoy the different value added services of other merchants being your member?

Yes, of course. As you sign up for Elite Banking, you will be given a membership card which when shown to other merchants, will facilitate the honour.

Will I be able to avail any special rates for my general banking services being a member?

For any banking rates and services, please contact your relationship manager, who will then try to chalk out a plan keeping in mind the best of your interest.

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