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Every year many students in Bangladesh go to abroad for higher study. In abroad, they have to make payment of their tuition fees. As per Bangladesh Bank Guidelines, a Student File is required to be opened for payment procedure for abroad payments.

Only AD branches are allowed to make payments for admission and study by Bangladeshi Nationals in regular courses such as Under-Graduate, Post Graduate, Language course per-requisite to Bachelor Degree and Professional Diploma/Certificate courses in recognized institutions in abroad.Bank can take Service Charge / Ujrat Bill Wakalah (Wakalah fee) from the applicant to open the Student File.

All payments (for one year only) are payable to the educational institution is issued in favor of the institution concerned in the form of TT/MT/Draft. Payment for board and lodging and other incidental charges which are not compulsorily to be in favor of the educational institution may be issued in favor of the student in the form of TC/Draft. If advance is required, mentioned in written form, advance is allowed.

 Required papers for Student File

  • Application form duly filled in.
  • Original & photocopy of admission letter issued by the educational institution in favor of the student
  • (such as I-20 in case of US institutions)
  • Original & photocopy of estimate relating to annual tuition fee, board and lodging, incidental expenses etc. issued by the concerned educational institution.
  • Attested copies of educational certificates of the applicant;
  • Valid passport.

**For any further query please contact your nearest Premier Bank Branch

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