Government Securities Investment Window has been formed for cliental service payment to invest in government securities i.e. Treasury bill and Treasury bond. Treasury Bills are short term investment instrument starting from 03 months to 01 year and issued at discount. Treasury Bonds are coupon bearing long term investment instrument starting from 2 years to 20 years. Government issues these bills and bonds through central bank (Bangladesh Bank).

Key Features:
• Any Individual or Corporate can invest in these instruments.
• In case of Treasury Bill, investors will receive discount income at maturity of the bill.
• In case of Treasury Bond, investors will receive fixed semi-annual coupon amount for the remaining term of the bond.
• Investors needs to open Business Participant ID (BP ID) with Bangladesh Bank
• To ensure smooth and safer transactions, it is recommended to open account with The Premier Bank Limited.

Contact Person:
• Rajon Komer Datta
Senior Executive Officer & In-Charge
Treasury Division
Phone-9820844-8 Ext.-204/233

• Mst. Mahera Akhter
Executive Officer
Treasury Division
Phone-9820844-8 Ext.-233

For query of coupon, discount and principal amount at maturity, please contact:
• Mohammad Rahim
Assistant Vice President & Head of Treasury Back Office
Operation Division
Phone-9820844-8 Ext.-130

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