Chairman’s Message

Chairman Sir

Dear Visitor(s),

I welcome you to Premier Bank Corporate Web Site and invite you to enjoy our dedicated services. We have extended our services with firm commitment to turn our prime motto “service first” into reality. We are committed to providing genuine value to our valued customers, partners, employees and communities. Since the Bank’s inception in October 1999, it has grown as a leading commercial bank in Bangladesh and making significant contribution to national economy. The Bank has been continuously improving and consolidating its credibility in financial sector by playing larger and diversified role. Our accomplishments continue to accumulate while we remain focused on providing better banking services to our valued customers.

We have already introduced our own ATM SERVICE, VISA DEBIT CARD, SME CENTRES and BROKERAGE HOUSE OPERATION to improve efficiency and effectiveness of our Banking Services. We have been licensed as the first principal member of VISA International among local private commercial Banks and have both Domestic & International VISA Credit Cards. We have commenced our off shore banking operation. We are working to set up new branches & SME Centers in prime locations to ensure our presence closer to our customers and focusing on MasterCard, Merchant Banking, Premier TC, Mobile Banking, Remittance Service and other comprehensive range of competitive financial service & products. We have already emphasized & allocated substantial fund for Women Entrepreneur Financing. Besides, The Bank has established strong correspondent relationship across the globe.

The achievements of the past and well planned growth strategy have given us the confidence to grow and prosper in the coming years with utmost satisfaction of all concerned.

Finally, I express my sincere thanks and gratitude to our customers, patrons and well-wishers for the enormous support, patronization and cooperation. I hope this Corporate Web Site will help you to discover more about the Premier Bank.

With best regards,

Dr. H. B. M. Iqbal


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