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Fixed Deposit


Our Fixed Deposit (FDR) is meant for those investors who want to deposit a lump sum of money for a fixed time period; say for a minimum period of 1,3, ...

Monthly Savings Scheme

Monthly Savings Scheme

A regular saving pays off when you really need it. Save small amount in your account each month and let your savings grow with time through our Monthl ...

Monthly Income Scheme


Your savings are precious! Let your investment generate a regular monthly income for you. Deposit a certain amount at the opening and earn monthly pro ...

Double Benefit Scheme


Under this scheme, any deposit becomes double approximately 6 years & 6 months. It accepts deposit in multiples of Tk. 10,000. A specially designed in ...

Interest Rate

Interest Rate

Product Name Parameter Rate 1 Month FDR Any amount 3.50% p.a ...

Shwapno (One Year Monthly Deposit Scheme)


“Shwapno” a personal savings plan to help individuals to fulfill any desired dream. It is a short-term deposit scheme and customer will get Tk. 1. ...

Registered Retirement Deposit Plan


Registered Retirement Deposit Plan, a personal savings plan for individuals to secure future registered with The Premier Bank Limited, which will magi ...