Premier Bank Securities Ltd. has a wide range of Capital Market Services. A few of its services are as follows

Brokerage Services

  • Trade Execution;
  • Exclusive dealer trading;
  • Arrangement to safe keeping of securities;
  • Verify and register of securities;
  • Any branch trading;
  • Separate arrangements for Bonafide investors;
  • Separate arrangements for Women investors;
  • Trading arrangement with both DSE & CSE;
  • Investment advisory services.
Margin Loan Facilities

We provide Financial Support to the clients for investment in the secondary market against their margin deposit within the limit set by the management from time to time as per Margin Loan Policy and Margin Rules, 1999 of Bangladesh Securities & Exchange Commission (BSEC).

Services as Full Service DP

  • BO (Beneficiay Owner) accounts opening
  • Dematerialization of shares
  • Re-materialization of shares
  • Transfers and Transmission
  • Pledging, Un-pledging and Confiscation
  • Corporate Action Inquiry
  • BO ISIN Balance and master maintenance inquiry, etc.
Phone/Fax/ E-mail Services

  • Buy /Sale order
  • Stock Position
  • Balance of financial Ledger
  • Purchase power inquiry
  • Portfolio Position inquiry
  • Margin call for additional margin deposit


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