Double Benefit Schme

Double Benefit Scheme

Under this scheme, any deposit becomes double approximately 6 years & 6 months. It accepts deposit in multiples of Tk. 10,000. A specially designed instrument shall be issued for the deposit under this scheme in the same manner as issued in case of Fixed Deposit. The instrument is not transferable and renewable.

 Key Features

  • Double your initial deposit in approximately 6 years & 6 months
  • Minimum deposit of Tk. 10,000.00


  • Minimum Age: 18 years
  • Citizen of Bangladesh

Double Benefit Scheme Table

Years Deposit Amount Maturity Amount
6 years & 6 months 10000.00 or Multiples 20000.00 or Multiples


Document Required

  • Mandatory CASA link Account for all DBS.
  • Photograph of A/c holder – 2 copies
  • Photocopy of Valid NID/Passport/Driving License
  • Photograph of Nominee – 1 copy

* Period may vary from time to time
**For any further query please contact your nearest Premier Bank Branch

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